A poem

Something I’ve been thinking about lately.

When I’m really questioning my faith, I look to who I am. I love the woman that I am when I live the gospel (full of joy, inner peace and love). I don’t like the feelings I have when I am doubting, despairing, and discouraged about the gospel. So I wrote this as a reminder to “doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith” (Come, Join with Us, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, October 2013).

Galatians 5:22-23

Matthew 7:15-20

Wage War and Beat Drums in easier script

The post that I wrote with this poem was just a wonderful, creative outlet for me – the ability to put words and do it in an artistic way was so much fun.  But, while I love the script that I used, I realize that it was very difficult to read.  For that reason, I am re-transcribing the poem here in plain text.  To see the poem in original form, click here. 

Wage War and Beat Drums

Wage war and beat crescendoing drums,
But are you sure when battle comes
That enemy is friend or foe?
Push back the veil from long ago!

A memory in cobwebs kept,
recalls battle where heavens wept,
And the dragon in bitter gall
lost his soul, in the shameful fall.

On the earth, battle rages fresh –
But, war not against blood and flesh!
For every brother is your friend,
unless to enemy he bend.

Power of darkness, spirit being’s –
influence is everywhere seen.
Like spilt ink, the dark creeps.
Through word, image, song it seeps.

Infected by the evil pox,
it permeates, ‘till every thought –
is by master easily led.
Poor hungry souls feed on sick bread.

They lick plate clean and call for more,
insatiable thirst in their core.
Dark master laughs with chain in hand,
and in nightmares, he sears his brand.

Zombie legions follow him fast,
ignore the warning signs they pass.
They fiercely beat and wage the war,
and don’t know who they’re fighting for.

But, just as dark invades the soul,
Light can also be in control.
Like nanotech, imbue with strength –
Deposit gold in body’s bank.

Spiritual infusion takes place,
as every atom fills with Grace.
Transforming flesh into forged light,
and mortal thought is given might.

For this Master’s a different kind,
your total control, you will not find.
He wants you to draw strength and pow’r
From richest Bread in every hour.

Mental weapons of shield and sword,
to fight against the angry horde.
No terror here, no anguished dreams –
But nourishment from Life’s lush streams.

Come, leave the shadows, live in light –
though – it won’t be an easy fight.
To be a soldier, not a drone,
you must act, with courage unknown.

But they that be with us be more,
Unseen legions wait at the door.
Dark’s death and decay have a cure –
turn on the Light, if you’re unsure.

Laryssa Waldron
August 25, 2013

So, here’s the challenge.  I referenced at least three scriptures in the poem.  Can you find them and give references?  

Also, just a note –  I referenced Nanotechnology.  Do you know what it is without looking at the next sentence?

It’s the manipulation of matter on the atomic and molecular level, a science that has been increasing in scope lately, and an area that I find completely fascinating!

A Poem on Life and Choice

Re-think! O’ Activists

O modern Activist,

Who screams and yells for choice.

Ignores the screams of those –

Innocent without voice.

Through Molech’s fires they pass,

Sacrifice built on lies.

You beat drums so conscience –

will never hear babe’s cries.

Pause a moment to care –

Scared girls take your advice!

Think on tormented souls,

pierced with Eternal knife.

Seems the only way, but

as soul from womb is torn,

it becomes spiritual

debt – grievous to be born!

They speak of the deed in

whispers – always with tears.

And though the time has passed,

Their sorrow’s ever near.

Re-think the pattern! Blooms

grow when you cultivate.

A whole generation’s changed,

when you educate!

Lives can be blessed with Grace,

a Balm to soothe and save.

Or, in Mary’s barren

arms, place unwanted babe.

But if Grace seems too far,

Or if she cannot give,

Then fill her with courage

So mom and babe can live.

Upheld by court and law –

now your cause may be.

Innocents will witness,

when in eternity.

Though choice is yours to make,

the consequence is not.

And every choice seals fate –

results that you have bought.

July 25, 2013

Laryssa Waldron