Elder Ballard, in a talk reprinted in the Ensign in July 2008, entitled –“Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet” encouraged members of the church to use the media to speak. That, in combination with President Uchtdorf’s beautiful talk to the Relief Society in October 2008, “Happiness, Your Heritage”which encouraged people create, are the reason for this blog.

I taught Seminary for a number of years, during which time I felt the profound influence that immersion in the study of the gospel can bring.  I hope that this site can be a place for inspiration and reference to help in the spiritual pursuit of gospel knowledge.

I am responsible for the information that has been placed here and I do not speak for the Church as a whole.

Laryssa Waldron taught Seminary and Institute from 1998-2003 in Salt Lake City and Utah County.  Currently she teaches Technical Writing at SLCC and is working on becoming a writer in her spare time.   She is thankful for a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who made her dream of being a wife and mother come true.

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