Because of Him


Happy Easter!

I love spring.  I love watching the tiny green buds on the trees begin to sprout into delicate white and pink flowers.  We spent Saturday clearing out the dead and old wood and leaves from our rose bushes and flower beds. Then, we planted new annuals and patched up the lawn.

What a time of renewal and refreshing!

It makes me think about my own life.  Physically and Spiritually, we have the ability to start again, just as nature does.  Cast off those old burdens, hurts and habits and plant something new into your life. It’s not to late to start with the gifts that you’ve been given and make of your life, body, home or family something new and beautiful.  Start small, start with what you have, pray to see how you can make things around you better.  You’ll be surprised at what wonderful ideas you’ll get from the Holy Spirit of little changes that will make your life feel transformed!

And it’s all because of the Savior that we can.


Finally –

When I was a teenager, a teacher (I can’t remember which, but I am indebted for the teaching)  introduced me to this quote-

Turn Life over to God


It was from a talk by then, Elder Benson at a BYU devotional on December 10, 1974, you can read the full talk here.

It is one that I have tried to follow all of my life, and it’s been quite an amazing journey.  But it’s far from over.

It’s time to start over, to not give up on being a better person, to recommit, to clean up, to try harder, to work stronger, to lift up more.  Experiment upon the word, (Alma 32) see if the LORD will do it for you, too!

It’s time to get busy, it’s a new season, it’s a new day!

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