Happy New Year 2014

I hope that you have a lovely New Year, and I hope that as you consider the past and look forward that you will find

  • more blessings than disappointments,
  • more love than anger,
  • more good than poor choices,
  • more happiness than sorrow,  and
  • more faith than fear.

And if you don’t see it now, I hope that you know that you can find all of this when you stand with the Savior.

My favorite line was –

“She probably didn’t [even consider] that her future could be better than her past…”

such a wonderful thing to think about.

Also, I wanted to share an awesome series of posts by Fiona Ostler, called:

52 Pep Talks 
21st Century Mormon Homemakers
for my Amazing 20th Century Mormon Homemaker Mother
Here is an excerpt from the first Pep Talk –
Trust in the Lord and then trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit. You are the mom.  You have physical and spiritual jurisdiction over these children – nobody else does, not your mom, your mother-in-law, your sisters, friends, or that parenting magazine that makes it sound like you are an idiot.  You are not an idiot.  You are a daughter of God blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Time to trust your spiritual instincts and develop a working relationship with the Heavenly Father as you raise these kids. They are His children, too.    
You can check out these and other amazing thoughts at her blog. I often call her the Mommy Whisperer (but as you can see, the pep talk above can apply to Dads as well!) check it out, you’ll be glad that you did!

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