A Poem on Life and Choice

Re-think! O’ Activists

O modern Activist,

Who screams and yells for choice.

Ignores the screams of those –

Innocent without voice.

Through Molech’s fires they pass,

Sacrifice built on lies.

You beat drums so conscience –

will never hear babe’s cries.

Pause a moment to care –

Scared girls take your advice!

Think on tormented souls,

pierced with Eternal knife.

Seems the only way, but

as soul from womb is torn,

it becomes spiritual

debt – grievous to be born!

They speak of the deed in

whispers – always with tears.

And though the time has passed,

Their sorrow’s ever near.

Re-think the pattern! Blooms

grow when you cultivate.

A whole generation’s changed,

when you educate!

Lives can be blessed with Grace,

a Balm to soothe and save.

Or, in Mary’s barren

arms, place unwanted babe.

But if Grace seems too far,

Or if she cannot give,

Then fill her with courage

So mom and babe can live.

Upheld by court and law –

now your cause may be.

Innocents will witness,

when in eternity.

Though choice is yours to make,

the consequence is not.

And every choice seals fate –

results that you have bought.

July 25, 2013

Laryssa Waldron

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