Just A Little Humor To Brighten Your Day!

This is a video from a comedy sketch TV show that I am pleased to say, I can watch with the whole family! I love laughter, absolutely love comedy, but it seems that there are so few comedians, shows, and especially movies that don’t wind down a really crude road.  I mean seriously, when did all of the comedic films suddenly become -R rated and the creepy horror flicks become -PG-13?  Is it me? OR is that just really messed up?

There are some of course that are wonderful (please post your favorites in the comments section – I want to find more to laughter!) and Studio C is one of those rare shows that can make me gut laugh and not feel ashamed at having watched it!  Now bear in mind, some of it can be a little cheesy (like the last line in this sketch, but it did provide a talking point to the girls).

Enjoy Studio C’s  Shoulder Devil

My favorite line is “behold the awesome power of temptation!” when the shoulder devil is in a precarious position. So funny! 😉

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