Old and Poor

I just read an article today (a talk by then Bishop Vaughn J Featherstone, given in 1974) that gnawed at my soul. It was about caring for the aged and the poor. I will share two quotes from it today. I will try to link back if possible.

He opened with a quote from a series of Wall Street Journal Articles that discussed these problems. One really struck me and I absolutely have a testimony of its truthfulness.

“The poor never saved for rainy days because it rained every day of their lives.” (Nov. 15, 1972, p. 1.)

The second was more upbeat, because it discussed the power that can come if we change our attitude and vocabulary.

Stephen Horn, the president of California State University at Long Beach, said, “It is time we revised our concept of the ‘old’ to ‘long-living’ and accented not the declining powers of aging but the rising knowledge and experience that results from a long life.”

It’s absolutely amazing that this church offers so much for the retired to do – missions, temple work, family history, callings.

A friend who just passed away was in a wheelchair and on oxygen. She kept herself busy everyday doing humanitarian aid sewing projects, serving others and indexing (20,000 names in just a year or so).

Just something to think about this Sabbath, maybe brought on from the recent passing of my Dad which I will write about soon. Hug those that are close, especially those parents that you think will always be there.

I know the quotes are dated, but still very true.


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