Edits and Post Removal

Taking the Post Down

I think that I need to explain what happened with the post below (See Elections and Agency). It is not my intention to deceive nor is it to shy away from how I honestly see the situation. I teach English at a local Community College. One of the things that I work on is to provide a safe environment for my students, so that they will feel that they can hold and express any opinion without fear of retaliation. I am concerned that if I put up a post about politics on a religious blog, that I may alienate some of my readers who perhaps don’t agree with me politically. That is why I took the post down.

Putting the Post Up Again

I put the post up again, because I have many friends that do not share my same beliefs or even political views. We have had wonderful conversations in which we have discussed our similarities and disagreements in a very open and non-contentious way. I suppose that I have to assume that first, you as a reader of this blog would not be a reader if you were not comfortable talking about religion. Secondly, I assume that if you are comfortable talking or reading about religion, that you would be comfortable enough to listen to opposing views about politics.

Editing the Post

The reason that I edited the post was to make sure that the topic was based on the theme which was Agency and Elections rather than Prophecies of the Last Day. I am very willing to talk about those, I just want to have it in the correct forum and I want to stay on topic. My posts are verbose enough anyway, so cutting them down in length may not be such a bad idea.

Why I wrote the post to begin with

Perhaps, finally, I should mention why I wrote the post in the first place. My husband has been unemployed for two months. He is our main provider and we are safe and surviving, but it is difficult. We’ve faced difficult times before though, so I am sure that things will be fine. The reason I was so hopeful for this election was because I sincerely hoped that after a Romney-win, businesses would feel more secure in creating new jobs and Bryan (and quite frankly, millions of others in this country) would have an easier time finding work. This in reference to those millions who are currently unemployed or underemployed, before the election.

However, despite the knowledge that the economy was the biggest issue of the election and that there are already many who are suffering, half of this wonderful country decided instead to vote for issues that were not economic. I heard so many women and media outlets discussing worries about social issues rather than economic ones, and sadly those issues will pale in comparison to the misery that is in store for the millions who are currently being laid off right before the holidays and the millions who now have to do the work for those who have been let-go in addition to the workload that they already carry. But don’t worry ladies, your birth-control and abortions are safe from those crazy Mormons, and now that President Obama will likely appoint new Supreme Court Members, those “rights” will be there – that is until you understand that there is much, much more to this Universe than your sexual reproductive rights.

So, please take a moment to think about the point of view of those religious believers who understand that choices bring consequences. I hope that my attempt to to eloquently express these ideas will help others to understand the years that lie ahead.

These are the reasons why I wrote, edited, removed and re-posted the post.

Thank you for your understanding.

On another note:

I had a friend mention the idea that she would like me to teach (or host) an online discussion about the Pearl of Great Price. I think that this website would be a great forum for that, so if you are interested in joining, please let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Edits and Post Removal

    • Please do both join my group. You’re so silly – if I’ll have you – whatever! You are such a great addition to everything. Please email me with your thoughts about the election. I have south more to say, but I figured I’ve said quite enough for now. 😉

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