Tithing, Hard Work, and An American Girl Doll


My daughter (age 7) has been begging me for an American Girl Doll for the last two years. The dolls, though beautifully made, are quite expensive. We tried buying the knockoff doll, but her hair got really messed up. So my daughter has been insisting on the American Girl Doll with great forcefulness (you know how girls can put on the pressure!)

About one month ago, we had another “discussion” about the doll and I put my foot down and explained again that we couldn’t afford it. She said, “well then, I’ll buy it myself!”

I told her that if she wanted to do that, then I would help her. We made a deal that if she got $100 and paid her tithing on the total that I would pay the taxes and shipping and handling.

Then I told some friends on Facebook and family members about her goal and she offered her services to them. For the last month she has done the following:
•pulled weeds
•cleaned and organized toy rooms
•entertained children so that moms could get a task done
•yard work
•taking in mail and putting out trash
•you name it, even memorizing the articles of faith (a very kind friend paid her a dollar per article.)

She thought she’d earn $100 in a day, I thought she might make it for Christmas. We were both wrong.

It took about a month and many wonderful and kind friends and family members hired her to do these odd jobs. It’s been amazing to see her learn about money and saving.

The miracle comes in the fact that my husband is out of work. I was worried about how to even pay for the shipping and handling. Then my bro-in-law called with a free shipping code. We were so blessed and ended up paying only about $10 for her doll.

Another sweet miracle was the day that it came in the mail. She had prayed in school that it would come that day. 🙂 It’s wonderful that the Lord cares about the little things as well as the big.

At one point, J. offered her money for us to use. I asked her how she would get her doll if she gave us the money and she said with a shrug that she’d earn more. I love that girl!


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