Christmas Ribbon


Last year, I put up the family tree and it sat for two weeks – a bare monument to the fact that I didn’t feel like decorating. I just couldn’t do it. I hated my decorations. I wasn’t in the mood. No one was willing to help me. It was awful to see it there, but, as I had no motivation, there it sat.

One day, I was in a store and saw some really beautiful ribbon – a whole spool of Christmas white and gold, wired for gorgeous decorating. I thought about how easy it would be to wrap it around the tree and add some lovely flourishes. It would solve my Christmas problem.

But, there was another issue. My cheapskate nature. Though the ribbon wasn’t that much, I just couldn’t justify the purchase, simply for the sake of decoration.

Then, I got an impression (a thought) that said, “Laryssa, it’s okay to spend money to celebrate the Savior.”

Wow! And it is okay. Look at the temples, even the temple grounds. They are majestic. They invite and invoke goodness and peace and glory and all that’s wonderful.

I purchased the ribbon, and decorated my tree and the special feeling of Christmas entered the house.

I submit that it’s okay to celebrate Christmas, because it builds the family, and that’s what the Savior would want us to do. It’s okay to give simple, well thought out gifts, because it represents the wise-men, and it brings the family closer and that’s what the Savior would want us to do.

It’s okay to read stories, and watch Christmas movies, and listen to carols, and see the lights, and drink hot chocolate and send out cards, because reaching out to others and spending time together is important, and, of course, it brings the family closer and after all, isn’t that what the Savior wants us to do? Strengthen the family, so that we can bring all of Father’s family back home.

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