Grace Under Pressure

I’ve been facing a trial in the last few weeks. It’s not a new trial, I’ve faced it before a few times, but (though I may want to be upset) I keep getting the feeling that I need to face this trial with grace. I mean, every-time we’ve faced it before, the Lord has blessed us with solutions. So, I owe Him some faith, some grace in this difficult time, as He has proven Himself to be “mighty to save” previously.

As I discussed this idea with my sister, she quoted, “We doubt not the Lord, nor his goodness. We’ve proved Him in days that are past” Hymn #19, We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. Then said, “and that came from the pioneers! And you know what they had to go through!”

Yes, I think that I owe the Lord some Grace under pressure, and some faith rather than desperation. It’s tough, but deserved.

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