Johnny Lingo

Oh, what a legacy!  I LOVE this movie.  I’ve loved it since I was a kid and my Dad used to show it on our home projector (yes, I’m that old). 😉

Johnny Lingo is up, in it’s entirety on the MormonMessages Youtube channel.

You can find it here.

Don’t you just want to go and watch it now with your loved ones!  Maybe for FHE.

When I was a young girl, my brother and I were having a disagreement.  He was really mean to me, and I was quite upset.  When I later walked into the living room, he had placed pictures all around that said things like  – “Laryssa = 20 cows”.  He had hand drawn the cows.  I laughed so hard.  All these years later, I’ve forgotten the reason for the fight, but I will always remember Johnny Lingo.

4 thoughts on “Johnny Lingo

    • Awesome, Jana. Let me know what you did (to introduce it,etc) and how it worked. You are so creative and I admire everyhing you do, esp. Those beautiful babies! 🙂

  1. I too have so many memories of this movie. One being my brand new Uncle who had just married my Aunt and at their wedding reception……had a “surprise” for her on the program. He showed the movie Johnny Lingo, and then had caterers bring out the largest cake I had ever seen with giant icing cows {they looked SO real} on it. I can’t remember how many cows there were on it, but the inscription read, “To my _____ cow wife.” LOL!!! I don’t think my Aunt knew what to think. Neither did anyone else. I am sure it was all meant as a high compliment. Not that he had something to do with the fact that she was now a beautiful woman and getting married due to his actions. HA ha.

    But the message is an awesome one in that movie. I will always love it.

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