Time Dollars and Talents

Tonight we had a Family Home Evening on talents.  My babies are young – five and two, so FHE night has to be quick, fun, and entertaining.

I set up a display table with a bunch of items that one can use to develop talents; sporting equipment, books that I’m writing, a book on drawing, one on crafts, a book of Mormon in Bulgarian, etc.  That got the attention of the family!

We began by each sharing a talent – playing the piano, dancing and my husband sang.  Then I shared scriptures about talents, Doctrine and Covenants 60: 2, 13 (my five year old said that it meant that we needed to give our talents to Heavenly Father.  I liked that).

We acted out the parable of the talents Matthew 25: 15-29, in this case talking about talents not as money but as skills.  (I used colored pencils as the talents, the girls really loved it).

Then we wrote down the talents that we felt that we had been given from the Lord and the ones that we were going work on developing this week.

The idea that really stuck out to me was the end of verse 13 from the Doc & Cov scripture –  “Thou shalt not idle away thy time, neither shalt thou bury thy talent that it may not be known.”

That got me thinking about a concept.  Several years ago, my cousin and I began to talk about the commodity of the eternities.  What will purchase the most after this life?  We discussed the fact that the thing that will “buy” us anything at all,  is the time that we spend here.

So we came up with the idea of time dollars.  Everyone is given the same amount of time dollars each day – to use as we see fit.  However, we are accountable for what we do with the time dollars.  Some spend them more wisely than others.  And, the way that we can make it back to live with our Heavenly Father again depends entirely on what activities we do with our time here.

I believe that one of the best things that we can spend our time on is in developing our talents.  Then we can “divide our gifts from [the Lord] with every brother that [we] see” (Hymn # 219 – Because I Have Been Given Much).

It also gives us joy when we use our talents, so why do we spend so much time in idle activities?  I’m trying to give up nasty time-sucking habits, and putting in their place the things that will help me feel better about myself and most importantly, those that will help me throughout the eternities.

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